Who we are:
We are a community of psychologists from different nationalities, who came together because we
felt alone in our profession. We felt the need to share experiences, knowledge and even potential
business ideas with other like-minded psychologists.


Why we created Expat Care:
As expats who have experienced how hard it is to find other colleagues, we realized how difficult it
might be for expats clients to find psychologists who speak their own language.
Expat Care is a platform created out of the desire to unify our community and provide clients with a
place where they can find the psychologist for them. We see it as a way to help international
colleagues find their place among peers and also to give clients the freedom of choice they deserve
between available professionals qualified to help them.


Our mission:
As psychologists, our goal is to help you overcome the main challenges of living abroad and reach
your full potential! We have different backgrounds and experiences, and use different psychological
approaches, which makes our services even wider and richer.


We believe that we are stronger together, and we want to put this strength to the service of our