Frequently Asked Questions

What is Expat Care?

Expat Care is a unification of 7 psychologists (via online platform) advertising their services to clients. Legally we are not a company. We are a community of professionals in private practices sharing a common goal: to help clients through mental health services using their native language.

How do I choose the most suitable psychologist for me?

Each psychologist available on our home page is a private practitioner with multiple services. To choose a psychologist, you can search by a specific practice such as “Children Psychology” or “Couples Psychology” through the Services tab or check the home page for one that speaks your native language. For more information on each psychologist, click on their name to see who they are and/or visit their website or social media for more important details.

How do I contact a psychologist?

To contact a psychologist, click on their name at, open their profile and contact them via their preferred means, either by email, phone or through social media.

Are my services covered by insurance?

Like many expat psychologists in private practices across the Netherlands, your services are not covered by basic Dutch healthcare insurance (basisverzekering). However, some sessions can be covered by your employer or insurance company. After choosing a psychologist, talk to them about these options to see how you can best discuss it with your employer or insurance company.

I’m looking for a job with Expat Care. How do I apply?

Expat Care is not a registered company. Therefore, we do not employ psychologists. At the moment, we are not looking to increase our team. However, you can send us a message and we will let you know if there’s a way for you to contribute to the platform or join us for our Expat Psychologists monthly brunch.

I am a professional psychologist. How do I work in the Netherlands?

We can give you some legislative, payroll and other tips regarding being a self-employed psychologist in the Netherlands. However, note that we are not professional counselors. If you need advice, send us an email for more information on how we can best help with your particular case.